Moving over to HashNode

It has been eons since I’ve created another blog post on WordPress, and it is to my dismay that I’ll be shifting towards the Hashnode blogging platform instead. Before I outline the specific reasons for doing so, I would briefly summarize my activities post my previously old, outdated collections as follows:

  • Being pre-occupied with several cool technologies pertaining to Cloud, Mobile and Network Security in McAfee, the Cybersecurity company. To be more specific:
    • Served the McAfee Mobile Cloud Security service, focusing on
      • design, development and maintence of VPN-based backend services, secured with delegated authorization via Oauth 2.0
      • contributing to the Android codebase, ensuring compatibility with Chrome OS as well
      • Play Store link: McAfee Mobile Cloud Security
    • Involved in product lines providing connectivity for
      • Site-to-Site company-wide locations via SD-WAN and VPN tech
      • Multicast, high-bandwidth connectivity via SD-WAN based GRE tunneling
      • Edge Locations: Points of Presence
    • coveralls ( automation and load-testing frameworks, CI/CD, metrics and logging pipeline bindings )

I will try my best to continue blogging in the meantime, however in view of being productive, I’ve developed certain practices which overtime have distanced me from blogging on WordPress. I’ve no grudges against it, although it’s oriented towards non-technical audiences, so I’m shifting towards a tech blog hosting.

For those already in this space, you’d root for either DevBlog or the more popular Medium. While these are great options (and arguably better than HashNode), I’m looking for certain characteristics offered, such as:

  • Markdown support (all 3 hands down)
  • Low saturation ( as opposed to Medium )
  • Provision for a custom domain ( HashNode hands down)
  • Monetization, if permissible

The domain you must revert for the time being is, where you can expect new blog posts from me later on. At the moment, Ciao WordPress!